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Corporate Trade

Designed and Built for the What’s Next Economy

Active International is and has been the leader in corporate trade for nearly four decades. The dual currency of cash and trade credits, a GAAP approved cash equivalent, helps you achieve above market value for your assets by purchasing high quality media at your benchmark prices. Your result: more cash savings and financial flexibility.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients realize the maximum value for their assets.

First, we listen. Through consultation, analysis and collaboration, we base our recommendations on data and insights that are most relevant to your business and goals.

Using a dual currency of cash and trade credit, a GAAP approved cash equivalent we create unparalleled financial benefits. The accounting principles behind corporate trade were established decades ago, enabling us to provide both a flexible model and expertise to meet your goals.

We do this with a simple exchange: In return for a commitment to purchase future planned operating expenses through utilizing our trade credits, we will create an array of customized, efficient, and effective financial solutions to meet your objectives.

We deliver a premium for our clients’ assets that traditional liquidation could never achieve.

We offer an extensive range of opportunities in travel & hospitality, real estate and asset solutions.
This provides a substantial financial benefit that can be used to fund new marketing initiatives, solve inventory challenges, improve operations efficiencies, or develop new sales channels.