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Real Estate

Real Estate

When You Change Your Perspective

How can you transform a capital-intensive industry to be as flexible and agile as the technology that’s disrupting it?
How can a deep understanding of radically different tenant expectations and investments in experiences help deliver greater returns?
What are the possibilities that emerge when you start thinking of real estate as a service?

New Forms of Value Emerge

At Active, we see the fundamentals of commercial real estate are being rewritten for a new era. We see the possibilities of new businesses in commercial real estate for those companies with a deep understanding of shifting market needs and the agility to continually innovate while they operate.

Real estate disruptors are gaining traction. In a recent Deloitte study, survey respondents specializing in mixed-use and nontraditional properties said they plan to increase their capital commitment by a higher percentage than those focused on traditional properties. [source: Deloitte 2019 Real Estate Outlook].

For example, WeWork positions itself not as a commercial real estate (CRE) developer, but rather as a service company dedicated to creating environments for productivity, innovation, and connection. Since its founding in 2010, the company has grown to 287 physical locations across 77 cities and 23 countries globally with a $20 billion valuation – far outstripping the pace of traditional CRE companies.

Greater returns await those with greater vision. Possibilities await those capable of seeing beyond the value of physical spaces as more than commodities priced by the square foot, to experiential environments designed to foster connection and build community.

We can help you turn those yet-to-be-imagined possibilities into new realities.

And Dynamic Businesses are Built

Rethink your CRE portfolio. Diversifying the tenant mix and investing in the user experience can provide opportunities to manage risk while enhancing the overall value of the property. How could a more strategic tenant portfolio, with everything from heath and wellness brands to community event centers, drive greater traffic and support the dwell time needed to maximize your CRE value?

Embrace technology to deliver more valuable experiences. How might the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics be used to gain deeper insight into tenant preferences and customer behaviors? Or consider how virtual reality and augmented reality could be used to co-create new experiences with current tenants and future prospects.

Imagine transforming those possibilities into positive business outcomes.

Outcomes we make possible every day. Ask us how.