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It Becomes Opportunity

At Active, we see the opportunities awaiting automakers who are changing their strategies.

From autonomous vehicles to connected platforms. As autonomous vehicles become increasingly adopted, what new partnerships might open up to deliver great commuter experiences? What if we thought of every vehicle as a media outlet? A convenience store? A mobile office? Delivering services, collecting data and using analytics to get people across town. Across the country. And back again. Millions of times a day.

From selling cars to transforming mobility. How can we think beyond just making cars to see what’s possible in the broader world of the mobility business? How can reframing the value proposition uncover new solutions?

Opening up Endless Possibilities

Get ready for the connected mobility economy. Macro shifts in where and how people live coupled with advances in tech are causing a transformation in the automotive landscape and new business models are emerging. Recurring revenue from shared mobility and data connectivity is projected to reach ~$1.5 trillion by 2030 [source: McKinsey]. The global ridesharing market is forecast to have CAGR of 16.4% to reach $148.7 billion by 2024 [source: Energias Market Research].

What if auto manufacturers thought like smartphone manufacturers?

Transform the consumer journey and purchase experience. We also know that traditional sales channels have not kept pace with consumer attitudes and behaviors. 66% of all car shoppers agree that buying a vehicle is stressful. And nearly half of all car shoppers aged 18-44 do not believe there is any difference between dealerships that sell the same brands. [source: Mintel] Maybe it’s time to rethink the purpose of dealerships all together.

What kind of traffic could you drive to physical locations if they were “automotive experience centers”?

What would that business look like?

It could redefine the industry. And your business.
And transform possibilities into positive business outcomes.

Outcomes we make possible every day. Ask us how

When You Harness Disruption

What happens when a century-old business model is swept aside?
What’s possible when auto companies adapt to the speed of disruption?
How can auto companies provide new transportation options – from vehicle sharing to ride services to autonomous vehicles?
Or partner with cities to get people where they’re going?