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Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

When Retail Meets Technology

What happens when a disruptor gets disrupted?
How do you continue grow a direct-to-consumer model that must also co-exist with mass retail channels? And adapt to mobile commerce?
How do you continue to scale meaningful consumer electronics innovation that actually impacts brand preference?
And do all of it at the same time?

Old and New can Work Together

At Active, we see the possibilities with consumer electronics brands capable of continuous reinvention in an ever-changing landscape.

Learning to fail fast without failing completely. The pace of consumer electronics innovation and paired with higher and higher consumer expectations can move the latest and greatest products to yesterday’s news in a hurry. Fast commoditization continues to erode margin and challenges consumer electronics brands on how to differentiate from the competition. New product launches that don’t hit the mark can leave companies with excess inventory that erode brand relevance even further.

Navigating a blurry channel landscape to reach consumers. While some major brands have been successful at establishing a direct-to-consumer model, Amazon and Best Buy still remain dominant channels. Leveraging channels that deliver a large audience and finding ways to break through the clutter in those environments pose significant consumer electronics industry challenges.

Mastering omnichannel is now a must. How can consumer electronic brands master omnichannel retailing in ways that effectively connect with consumers online, offline, in physical stores, and on mobile – from linear to social media, with relevant content and meaningful experiences?

We can help you transform this complexity into opportunity.

Creating a New Way to Do Business

Transform the consumer journey and purchase experience. The promise of the smart home has led to a dizzying array of new smart devices. How can consumer electronic brands design experiences across the entire consumer journey – from discovery to installation, digital to physical – that are as smart as the products they sell?

Collaborate to innovate. For example, in emerging sectors such as wearables consumers have a stronger preference for tech that looks more like jewelry than tech, an aesthetic trend known as: “Analog Digital.” What new opportunities are there for consumer electronic brands who can take partnerships like Apple and Nike to the new levels of fashion and functionality?

What would those businesses look like?

The opportunities to transform possibilities into positive business outcomes are endless.

Outcomes we make possible every day. Ask us how.